Friday, April 27, 2018

What Freedom Means in SouthAfrica

Today is yet another Freedom Day in South Africa.

But what does freedom means in South Africa?

Here are a few examples:

- Freedom to steal as you like (The ANC calls it radical economic transformation)

- Freedom to rape as you like (Isn't South Africa called the rape capital of the world?) (Didn't Judge Mabel Jansen mentioned a black rape culture?)

- Freedom to kill and maime as you like (No wonder the ANC Government denies a white genocide) (No wonder politicians like Zuma and Malema sang 'Kill the Boer ....)

- Freedom to sell you country like Zuma did

- Freedom  to burn and destroy any thing if you are not happy with any thing

- Freedom  to be just useless and blaming Apartheid and whites for your incompetence to make South Africa great.

- Freedom to vote but when you are not happy with those you elected you are free to burn down infrastructures to show them you do not like them

- Freedom to loot state coffers (Oops, already mentioned radical economic transformation)

There you are. South Africa the freedom country!

Enjoy you Freedom Day!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

ANC Government Exposed! They Love Our Colonial Heritage!

The ANC has been exposed big time - they actually love our colonial heritage, although they will never admit it! Real one-eyed Jacks! With one eye they denounce colonialism and  persecute anyone that are positive about colinialism. They even promote a process of decolonialism to rid South Africa from its colonial heritage! But behind the facade they created they actually love colonialism!

This charade by the ANC was once again highlighted with the current (2018) Commonwealth Games. They support and allow our participation but are then quiet about the racist colonial past. If they are sincere in their so-called crusade to rid South Africa from its colonial past, why not start with decolonising us from participating in the Commonwealth Games?

Remember Zuma with the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa where the idiot announced publicly that soccer is a real African game? Nobody wanted to correct the idiot that it originated in England because they were afraid that he would commit suicide!

Monday, March 19, 2018

My Fellow White South Africans Brace Yourselves For Another Human Rights Day

My fellow white South Africans, please brace yourself for yet another omslaught from the ANC and EFF as well as like minded black persons and white libtards like Pieter Howes, Johan Pienaar and Co. on Human Rights Day on 21 March 2018!

By now it is no surprize for us that whites do not have any rights in South Africa and the latest right that was taken away  by Frog In The Water Cyril Ramaphosa was our right to own property.

Also remember that it is actually a right to be deemed innocent of a crime until it is proven that you are actually guilty - but in the case of whites we are guilty of stealing land although the useles government can not provide one tiny bit of evidence that any white farmer ever stole the farm they are farming on!

So, with all due respect to my language, on 21 March 2018 all guns blazing will be coming for the whites. For instance, The Nelson Mandela Foundation already fired a first shot in this war against white rights by applying that the beautiful old flag should be banned. Then it will be banning Afrikaans, The Stem, etc., until the last bastion namely all whites will be banned! I personally think that whites have already been banned, is that why it is open season to kill farmers? I think it is like the old West where a bounty was placed on a criminal's life and the first one that could kill him received a monetary reward. Now they just kill whites for the fun of it. So fuck the ANC, fuck the EFF, I am here to stay and I will fight till my last breath on this earth!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The F*cking Jacob Zuma

The last day Cyril Ramaphosa visited Jacob Zuma to beg him to resign or else he would be recalled, Zuma said to Cyril during a tea break: "you know this whites are not bad. Actually I love them and I like their way of giving people nicknames that decribe the opposite what they actually  mean. For example, a big guy they would call Tiny, as in Tiny Neethling. A very fat person they would call Skinny.
Look at me, I hadn't had sex for 14 years now but they call me The Fucking Zuma"!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Fed-Up With Hugs-And-Kisses Cricket

I tried to watch the ODI-series between SA and India on TV but after the 3rd game I got fed-up with all the hugging and kissing of the South African team each time a wicket was taken and called it a day - I want to watch cricket not a B-rated soapie that would beat any of the SABC's smootching and kissing soapies!

So I called it a day as far as cricket watching was concerned and rather spent time on my blogs!

I know the SA team plays on instruction of CSA to show the public how good players of different races can support and love each other. No problem but I pay to watch cricket - yes to those internet trolls whose fingers are already on their touch-screen keyboards to inform their friend and foes how I lie, I paid my TV license. Suckers, to own a TV in SA you must have a tv-lisense. Although I did not pay my lisence for 5  years I still watch TV because SABC owe me money for all the rubbish on TV, especially the news bulletins because it is just propaganda for the ANC and to show what ugly racists whites are.

But back to hugs-and-kisses cricket; today nothing to do so I tried to watch the 1st T20 match between SA and India, but only until the first wicket was taken by SA - hell just smootching, groping and hugging - siesga!

Back to instruction of CSA  that the team must show how much they love each other and that they can play in a racial-utopia. Like I said no problem with racial harmony but kissing, hugging and groping?? Siega!!

But if they want to show how they love other races I challence them go and show the world how we can support each other. The whole team and managent, all of them white, brown, black, etc must attend any funeral of a white farmer killed by black thugs. Maybe, just maybe the black thugs will take note of how the different races love each other that they will start playing cricket and stop murdering farmers.


Saturday, February 10, 2018

Save water and use condoms

News24 requested readers to submit suggestions/tips how to save water against a general water shortage in SA but especially Cape Town which is nearing ground zero day.

Well as a concerned citizen and a friend of CapeTown I also want to contribute.

Well here it is:

There is one idiot politician, no name no pack-drill, who publicly bragged that he is not using condoms during sex but he just take a shower after unprotected sex.

Well showering after unprotected sex thinking that you are safe from sexually transmitted diseases is a joke. Always use a condom.

But back to saving water. Taking a shower is therefore a waste of prescious water. Skip the shower and rather use a condom. If you do not have money go to your nearest clinic and get free condoms , or if you are hardup for sex, steal a condom.

Guys, if you are a stud like me you will spend 50% of your day in the shower and the water usage will be devastating! I get my condoms for free, so can you!

There you are you good things, save water and burn some rubber!

PS: Never, but never reuse a condom!