Sunday, October 26, 2014

Is the Hitlerism?

Is this hitlerism? Or should I rather call it Mugaberism?  Because it seems these 2 incidents are out of Mugabe’s handbook .

What is the ANC doing?

Turning a blind eye as usual?

Will this be eventual the new policy direction of the ANC?

Where is the Bill of Rights? Or is it only for certain groups?

What is next?

No Sex for Oscar and Reeva?

Read this and believe what you want!!

But what I know is that Oscar may have a roaring sex life in prison!

It works like this:

Without his prostheses he will be the ideal sex mate for the hardened prisoners and they are constantly looking for ‘new blood’ coming into the prison and without legs he will be sought after as he cannot run away!

The next benefit is that he will neatly fit into a self-made kangaroo poach and he will be what they call ‘sex on the go’.
There you have it - maybe he did not had sex with Reeva, but here in in prison he can make up for lost opportunities! 

Oscar, enjoy!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Do not invite trouble ladies

A man came home and was greeted by his wife dressed in a very sexy nightie. 'Tie me up,' she purred, 'and you can do anything you want.'

So he tied her up and went drinking with his pals.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Jalopy Called South Africa

The wheels of the jalopy called South Africa is now coming off thick and fast.

There is:

1. Zuma ignoring the Nkandla debacle and does not even whisper a word whilst his country needs to know what happened there;

2. Zuma attending the UN-meeting and tell the world how they must handle the conflict between Israel and Gaza (siding with the terrorists of Gaza but we know why - the ANC is a known for their terrorist activities), pointing the fingers to developed countries on the Ebola crisis in Africa and tell the world how they should pump in money for poor Africa - yes the same man whose country is in turmoil and burning whilst he is playing the violin in the UN;

3. The never-ending problems of Eskom supplying enough electricity for South Africa, once again blaming Apartheid for everything whilst they are more than 20 years into the joke called democracy;

4. Rand Water Board failing to maintain their infrastructure and causing havoc in Gauteng when they could not provide sufficient water. And what did they do? Blamed it on an outdated infrastructure. Yes, the same Rand Water Board who is now for more than 20 years into the new democracy but doing nothing for more than 20 years;

5. The EFF causing havoc in parliament and what does the useless ANC say? They blame the DA for siding with the EFF. Yes, the same ANC who say this country is a democracy! What a joke;

The Post Office who nobody in this country knows whether they are striking again or whether they are still striking. When do you miss the Post Office the most - when they are not striking or striking? Is the Post Office bankrupt or not? They themselves do not know!;

7. The Police Commissioner who was so happy that crime has decrease but in the meantime the stats for murder went up!!!  Then she and the ANC expect us to trust and respect the police - What a joke!

8. And the never-ending service delivery mayhem. Poor sods, election after election they vote for the ANC because of free house but the next day burn and destroy everything around them because the ANC local municipalities are too pathetic to deliver!

9. Do not forget the Public Protector who cannot do her work properly;

10. Oh yes, do forget the never-ending sing-song of equity and transformation and about the whites who still have too much influence in the country.

Poor old South Africa, already down the drain like the rest of Africa and Zuma still give a damn!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What is a Real Friend?

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out on you!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Book Review: Vicious Circle by Wilbur Smith

I am an avid fan of Wilbur Smith’s novels - or, I’d rather qualify the statement - I was an avid fan until I read his latest book, Vicious Circle, or rather tried to read it.

After I have read the book about halfway, I threw it aside and decided no, enough is enough. No more Wilbur Smith for me! And one must bear in mind that I became a fan of his books way back in the 70’s when I bought his first book and since then I have read all his books, unfortunately also Vicious Circle but fortunately only halfway through.

Vicious Circle is supposed to be a follow-up on the book Those in Peril and I must admit that Vicious Circle started off well and it was a joy to read until, it seemed to me, poor old Wilbur lost the plot and it became just a piece of filth after the other.

Yes, my opinion is that it just became filth, nothing more, nothing less. It was very odd for me. Wilbur is an acclaimed author. So what happened here? Nobody knows, maybe not even Wilbur will know what happened but he delft into the darkest and filthiest side of human nature. As if he wanted to shock the reader, to make him sick, to annoy him.

Here a few examples:

She thrust her hips towards him and she felt him touch the mouth of her womb. “You are as slimy as a bucket of eels down there, you dirty bitch,” he said.

With a single stroke of the silver blade he sliced the ear of cleanly at the level of her scalp. “Now eat it. Put it in your mouth and swallow it,” he told her softly. “Eat it or I will cut out your eyeballs, one at a time.” She put her ear into her mouth.

“I think we need a little blood to get Hannibal worked up.” He swung the spade at the level of her knees. The steel cut through to the bone and shattered her kneecap. Blood spurted from the wound. Silvestre tossed Bryoni over the wall. She fell amongst the hogs. Hannibal led the charge of great black bodies. He locked his tusks into her wounded leg. He worried the mutilated limb, trying to tear off a mouthful of flesh, dragging Bryoni on her back through the mud. Bryoni lifted her face towards the camera. “Please,” she cried. “Please somebody help me.” Then another animal bit her shoulder and heaved back, until he and Hannibal had Bryoni’s body racked between them. A third boar surged forward and bit into her stomach and then pulled back, tearing out a tangled mass of her entrails. Bryoni opened her mouth for the last time. “Daddy”! She cried out in a piercing but slowly descending pith. And the pigs tore bloody chunks from her body and gulped them down.

This book is definitely not for the squeamish. I had to battle through more than 300 pages before I realized that I am squeamish, but enough was enough.

Maybe I am too critical. But after many Wilbur Smith books on my record, this one was just not my cup of teas.

I believe many people will like it, so try it out.

Danie de Villiers