Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Zuma: A President to be Respected and Trusted?

Zuma: A President to be Respected and Trusted or A President to be Booted Out?

Can You Trust and Respect This Man?

In a democracy where the people has spoken and decided by means of a fair election who must lead and govern the country, those who did not vote for the winning party or are not supporters of that party must accept this principle and actually support the elected government, to put the country first! That is where the expectation also comes from that the elected president and government must be trusted and respected.

But, a coin always has two sides and equally true and applicable is the principle that the president and his government are there to serve all citizens of that country and all citizens must also be equally respected, everyone is equal and the country comes first.

Unfortunately these noble principles of a democracy are not applicable to Zuma anymore. My opinion is that it was never applicable to him. Remember, whoever you are, you do not deserve respect and trust, you must earn it, and once you have earned it, you will deserve it.

From day one when he was elected for his first term, he did nothing to earn the trust and respect from all citizens. Think for yourself, could/can he be trusted when during the election campaign he sang with his rowdy supporters “Kill the Boer?” Certainly not, I for one do not and cannot trust him, will never!

And as his term continued and he even went into the second term he became more and more untrustworthy and since his first election up to today, he did not move a finger to earn respect. How can I respect him if he does not respect me, does not respect my language, does not respect my heritage, using every opportunity to blame the White people for everything that went wrong at the hands of the ANC during the past 21 years? And how can I respect and trust if he does not move a finger to safeguard my language and heritage, or my rights?

And the cherry on top was when he publically announced that the ANC comes first, only after that South Africa.

Can you trust and respect such a president. I cannot, I despise him!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Racism In South Africa: A White Perspective

A week does not go by in South Africa without at least one article in the Media or social platforms about racism in South Africa. Which may be good, but the manner in which it is done, gives me the creeps – it is usually a mumble-jumble of how this phenomenon is eating away the South African society like cancer but no facts are provided no solutions, and it is subtly suggested that it is Whites only who are the racists and it just stay there with the usual rhetoric week after week.

I am White and I will be the first one to admit that there are Whites who are racists and I despise it. But just to suggest that all Whites are racists is ludicrous. And to deny the fact or to keep quiet that Blacks, Coloreds and Asians are racists is also just as ludicrous and before I shoot myself in the foot, not all Blacks, Coloreds and Asians are racists. Just like with the Whites, they are in the minority.

It is also my opinion that Whites are the victims of racism in South Africa and before I am accused of generalization, here are my facts:

-       Street names and names of cities and towns were/are changed for the sake of hurting and spiting the Whites –what does names like Nylstroom, Pietersburg, Beit Bridge, Church Street, Vermeulen Street, etc. have to do with Apartheid? Nothing!  Even now, in 2015, the EFF declared war on ‘white town names’ in the Western Cape! Racism at its best, EFF!

-         The Kholer Barnard issue: by the mere fact that the ANC explicitly branded it a racial issue and even branded her as a racist because she is White and also branded the DA as racist because of the many Whites supporting the DA, the ANC was racist!

-          Zuma used/uses any opportunity to gun the Whites – example, his remarks on Jan van Riebeeck were according to me racist. And what about him singing “Kill the Boer?”

-          Vandalizing monuments and statues relating to the cultural heritage of the Whites because ‘it reminds Blacks of Apartheid’ is nothing less than racism against whites.

-          It is racism to have exclusive White institutions and bodies like schools and universities but it is not racism to have exclusive Black institutions and bodies like the Black Lawyers Association or the Black primary school in Devon where the language is Zulu and requests to introduce English also to allow Whites were rejected “in order to keep it Black’.

-       ANC politicians branding Whites as disloyal to South Africa because they do not attend cultural and public holiday events (because it is high jacked for political gain) is also racism.

-   The so-called campaigns against Afrikaans in the National Anthem, in schools and now also universities are also racism because it ‘is the Mother tongue of Whites’.

-   My perception is that the Black rhetoric that “this or that reminds us (21 years into the democracy?) of Apartheid” is nothing more than a reflection on Whites that “there is indeed no place for you in South Africa” which is racism.

There you are; my perceptions that that racism against Whites are alive and well in South Africa. Remember, it is a White person’s perceptions!

So, the Blacks, Coloureds, Indians and Whites all have their perceptions that they are the victims of racism.

What are the solutions? Easy, let us set perceptions aside and focus on individual cases and facts and address and solve those and those alone. And let us refrain from generalization. Only then we could move forward and avoid creating unnecessary racial tension and subsequent division of races into camps, because then the EFF’s wish will come true for a South African revolution where nobody will be winners!    

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Jacob Zuma and his Paranoia regarding Whites

The more you get to know Jacob Zuma (something you don’t want to do but have to) the more you realize this man has paranoia regarding whites. Why? No even Zuma himself knows!

My opinion is that maybe he suffers from an inferior complex when he compares himself with whites. Or maybe he has a bad conscious as a result of all the atrocities of the ANC against whites during their so-called struggle for which nobody, not even arch-terrorist Mandela had the decency or guts to apologise  when they took over in 1994 – but the whites had to apologise over and over, even today.

Instead of apologising Zuma use every opportunity to gun the whites, even more than 21 years into the “new democracy” for things they, the ANC have buggered up – electricity crisis, water crisis, crime, you name something that they have buggered up and it is the whites. And don’t forget, the race card that is been played time after time. Recently he even blamed Jan Van Riebeeck for everything that went wrong!! And whenever he has the opportunity he blames white Europe – they are colonists, imperialists, racists, creators of the African migration problem, etc. But when it comes to the need for hand-outs he is there with his big fake smile like his visit to Germany!

Like I said unfortunately we have to take note of Zuma and live with it but at the end of the day it seems to be nothing more than a case of verbal diarrhea! 

Danie de Villiers

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

ANC are Hostages!

The ANC are hostages to history, although triumphant in their so-called Struggle, the people they liberated are still queuing for hand-outs (houses, jobs, electricity, food, water, free university fees, tampons, condoms, etc.), and instead they still condemn the Whites as Apartheid ogres!

And it is this same history that will judge them as failures, just like the rest of Africa's liberators were failures!

Get a life, ANC!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Heyneke Meyer – Skunk of SA Rugby?

I write this post today, 30 October 2015 before this evening’s play-off with Argentina. The reason is that irrespective of the outcome of this game, my opinion expressed in this post will not change.

Let us be honest and frank, Meyer got a raw deal from the supporters of rugby, those who do not support rugby, politicians, the Media and those who know nothing about rugby (politicians and Media) but tried to capitalize on some misfortunes of the Boks, like Cosatu Western Cape and De Villiers the previous Bok coach whose term as coach was a disaster!

Typical South African style, efforts were made to mix rugby with politics and racism. Remember the uproar  after the game where we lost against Argentina earlier this year? Where Cosatu Western Cape tried to make the political issue that 5 black players complained against Meyer for racism and not giving them ample play time? It was just a storm in a tea cup but Cosatu never have proven their allegations. Cowards?

Then the first game against Japan at RWC 2015? Where everyone wanted to crucify Meyer and wanted his blood? And then suddenly when the Boks advanced to the semi’s? The politicians and Cosatu’s big mouths were quiet.

This is rugby and if you do not understand it, shut up!!!  At the end of the day the All Blacks were just that little bit more lucky than the Boks – it did not mean the Boks were pathetic and Meyer useless. Shit happens! But remember what Hansen jokingly said in the week building up to the semi-final that he was glad that he did not need to choose a team on representativeness, only on merit! That is the joke of South Africa, merit is gone, only AA, BEE and representation! A farce!

Now, after the semi we lost, the clevers now say Meyer must go! Kak, man kak! Some even say we must now get a coach from outside SA. Kak man, kak! Which international coach will want to coach a team where he must work on AA, BEE and representation? Only a fool! And then he has to contend with political and labour interference? Kak man kak!!

But, whatever the politicians will do with rugby, Meyer is not the skunk of SA Rugby. He did his best and if I were him, I would show them the middle finger and go coaching abroad.

Well done Meyer!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Real Reason for the Students’ Fees Must Fall Revolt of 2015

To start with, I do not call them students because they do not deserve it. They are not students, they are hooligans and thugs. Because they did not act like students!

The entire 2015 these hooligans and thugs fabricated excuses not to study but rather to show that they are indeed hooligans and thugs.

There were the various incidents of marches and toi-toi’s against so-called racism on campuses, against Afrikaans, against monuments and statutes of the so-called white imperialists. You name it and they found a reason to break, destroy, burn and just to show us that they are indeed hooligans and thugs.

Then as the end of the academic year was upon the thugs and hooligans some of them realised they spent more time outside the classrooms that they got too far behind to salvage lost time – they would never pass the year-end exams.

So, what happened? Yes, they went to the streets again, this time to burn, destroy, break and just to be hooligans and thugs in the name of ‘no fee increases for 2016’ and ‘free tuition’. So, they knew that they would not pass 2015 but now they had the excuses they were revolting against fee increases and for free education.

And, now they would demand that all of them must be credited for the subjects of 2015.

And we know what will happen if universities do not comply . . . . . they will start 2016 academic year with a revolt!!

And the joke of the revolts of 2015 is that the Media and the DA supported these hooligans in their ‘noble’ quest for justice whilst the EFF actually was fuelling the revolts!

Yes, this is the South Africa we can be proud of?????

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Proteas Blackwashed by Kiwi’s in Second ODI

When South Africa just won the 1st ODI against the Kiwi’s the entire South Africa was swooning about the victory and how great the players were and how far this team could go in the future.

And today? The Kiwi’s whitewashed us, OOPS, sorry, the political correct term in the new but not better South Africa is BLACKWASHED .

COSATU will be proud of me for this new word!!