Sunday, August 23, 2015

Proteas Blackwashed by Kiwi’s in Second ODI

When South Africa just won the 1st ODI against the Kiwi’s the entire South Africa was swooning about the victory and how great the players were and how far this team could go in the future.

And today? The Kiwi’s whitewashed us, OOPS, sorry, the political correct term in the new but not better South Africa is BLACKWASHED .

COSATU will be proud of me for this new word!!


Monday, June 29, 2015

Antjie Krog Praat Snert!!

Lees hierdie berig eers: ANTJIE KROG PRAAT SNERT

Hel die vroumens kan snert praat. Die swartes is nou al meer as 21 jaar aan bewind en nog niks positiefs gedoen om hulle eie mense te op te lig nie - alles deur hulle gatte getrek en nou verwag die vroumens ons wittes moet maar weer die drol uit die drinkwater, letterlik en figuurlik, gaan uithaal!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Is this a Defence Force we as South Africans must Trust and Respect?

Read this news item first: Army of Sex Pests

Is this a defence Force we must trust and respect? I don’t think so.

But then, what can we trust and respect now-a-days in South Africa?

Certainly not the general public service – service delivery is down the drain. The only thing they can do good is toy-toy and strike for more money.

Certainly not the SAPS – not all the criminal elements within the Service and with a Commissioner who should long ago been fired for the Marikana fiasco and the Lamoer issue.

Certainly not the Post Office – we do not know whether they strike or not because whether they strike or not, their service is pathetic.

Certainly not Eskom – they are incompetent to management the electricity supply for South Africa and therefore Eskom can collapse any day.

Certainly not the various MPD’s – the less we say about them the better!

Certainly not the ANC – the less we say about them the better.

And what about Zuma??  He is the least anybody can trust!

But let us go back the news item under discussion. With a President who in court stated that he did not used condoms because he took showers after sex, what example is he setting for all males in South Africa, including all male soldiers?  No wonder the Defence Force is

In conclusion, I ask again, is this a Defence Force we must trust? NO!! Rather be afraid, very afraid!

I do not trust Zuma nor respect him!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Max Du Preez and the South African Hysteria Over the Dylann Roof Circus

As expected, Max du Preez could not let the chance slip through his fingers to jump on the hysteria Bandwagon called Dylann Roof. Read his article Dylann Roof shares apartheid's ideology

Dylann Roof Band-wagon
In the good old South Africa Max used every opportunity to ‘expose’ the racist whites - oops, make that Afrikaans speaking whites - and in the new, but not so good South Africa Max is still at his best to expose or then just write for the sake of writing about the racist shenanigans of the Afrikaans speaking whites. Our own Don Quixote!

With this new adventure, Max joins the hysteria of other South Africans about the Dylann Roof case to highlight racism in South Africa and even good old apartheid - and in the process outdone their American colleagues who are known for their Hollywood-movie-script style of making mountains out of molehills. See a previous article of mine

All I can say about Max’s article is ‘much said about nothing’, but boy, he had to write something (Note to Max - please the word boy I use here is not the racist one). For instance, what in heaven’s sake does the Wit Wolf have to do with Dylann Roof, Max? - Oops, sorry, just to grind the Afrikaans speaking whites!


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Why, Oh Why Do Blacks Always Play the Race Card?

Please read the following to articles first:

This happened in America but immediately Blacks in South Africa jumped on the band wagon to make a racial issue of it! And what they do not understand that in America the blacks (Oops! Sorry, Afro-Americans) are the minority, here the blacks (or is it Afro-South Africans??) are the the majority. (Why don't they call the whites in America Euro-Americans? Or White Americans? Only they will know!)

But anyway, in the good old South Africa (that was before 1994) there was the adage that whatever happened, “they always kicked a communist out of a bush”. (“’n Kommunis word agter elke bos uitgeskop”.) In the new, not so good South Africa (that is now after 1994) the adage is “they always kick a racist out of a bush”. (“‘n Rassis word agter elke bos uitgeskop”.)

It is now more than 21 years into a democratic South Africa (actually a joke, because Zuma and the ANC destroyed any form of democracy - just go and look what happens in Parliament!) and the blacks still see the whites (which are in the minority) as a threat! WOW!

Get a life please - stop walking in the shadows of the whites, stop feeling inferior to the whites. The future is yours, stop back peddling.

Take back the democracy Zuma and the ANC destroyed and start building a democracy that will be the envy of Africa - currently Africa is laughing their asses off for democracy prevailing here!


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Youth Day 2015 - Nothing Much To Celebrate About!

Today is Youth Day - politicians, especial the corrupt ANC leaders and the bombaai guys from the EFF will suffer from verbal diarrhea as they will try to motivate and brag what the youth of South Africa had brought about in South Africa and how the struggle had brought a new wonderful democracy for everyone, except for the whites!

Yes, a lot of crap! But let us be realistic, the youth of 1976 was better off than the youth of today, 2015! Wait, before you just whine again that I am a white racist. Listen me out!

In 1976 the youth revolted against the oppressive white government? Aikona! That is the story the useless ANC will tell you. It was just a conspiracy of Mandela and the other ANC leaders in jail at that time to use the youth as cannon fodder! Which was a failure but gave the idiots in jail something to talk about every 16 June as from 1994.

Think for yourself:
  • ·         In 2015 the youth still revolts against the government which incidentally is black! Revolting against poor service delivery of useless corrupt ANC counselors on local government level, for free tampons and condoms on campuses, against statutes reminding them of imperialism and apartheid, against tuition fees at universities, for jobs, etc. Rather than enjoying the democracy and governing this country the youth is breaking this country, burning it, destroying it.
  • ·         In 1994 the youth shouted AMANDLA! Poor idiots did not know what it was all about. I am white (and very proud about it) and was that time an assistant director in Correctional Services and the poor young warders (black) was boastful that now they would be the commissioners. Idiots did not want to listen when I told them that there was only one post for Commissioner and not all of them could be Commissioner. Shame, 21 years later I pensioned from the Department as an assistant director but the poor idiots of 1994 are still no further than sergeant, if they did not yet died of AIDS.
  • ·         There are still no jobs although during each election campaign, whether on central or local level, the ANC promises jobs, houses, electricity, etc. And the idiots still vote for them, vote for promises. And the youth believe them! What a joke!
  • ·         In the townships the youth with qualifications a plenty, are struggling to get work. They burn and destroy in high hopes that it would give them jobs. They kill and burn those friends of them who have jobs! And what does the provincial and local government do? They tell them to go and seek partnerships with white businesses and companies who have the money and expertise to come and rebuilt the infrastructure they destroyed. And what does the white businesses and companies say? Forget it, the government does not honor their financial commitment for services delivered. But, come the next election, the idiots vote once again for the useless ANC counselors.

Think for yourselves - where are the youth of 1976 today? Nobody knows!

Enjoy your youth day, tomorrow you have to face the cold again to go and revolt against something!

On a lighter note: Check out the word 'corruption' in any dictionary - there is a photo of the government!


Friday, June 12, 2015

Sorry, But I am Black!

You must first go and read this article - Wits' black medical students feel out of place

At first you want to laugh your ass off because after more than 21 years of freedom, of democracy, the blacks still feel inferior. Then you want to cry, because it is a pity that after 21 years of being liberated that people who should be saving people’s lives, do not believe in themselves, do not believe that they are the future of this country!

I am white, but believe me, I will never go to a black doctor, even it will be the only doctor left in the world if that is the inferiority they show,  if that is a wannabe doctor’s level of self-esteem!

I think there is not much to say about this pathetic issue than to say: “You are black - either you live with it or you paint yourself white. But the latter is not an option, because they discriminate against whites. Ask yourself how many whites are in your medical class?”

Get a life please!